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Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow FAQs

Can I wash my Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow?

Absolutely! We understand that items often get dirty when traveling.

Both the Kuhi Comfort travel pillow and the carry case can be machine washed and gently tumbled dry.

Yes, the entire pillow can go in the washing machine!

Take the pillow out of the case, zip the case closed and toss them both in the washing machine with like colors (no bleach) on a gentle cycle.

Then you can toss them both in the dryer. And they will be fresh and clean for your next adventure.

Will any of the sold out models be available in the future?

We are doing our best to keep up with the demand for the best travel neck pillow on the market.

We understand than some models have been out of stock for some time.

We are working on having our complete line available.

For information regarding product availability, please sign up for our “Good News Newsletter” at: http://www.kuhicomfort.com/pages/subscribe-to-our-newsletter

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

If for any reason your Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow does not meet your expectations you can return it for a full product refund.

For return/refund information please contact us at info@kuhicomfort.com.

What is the weight of Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow?

The Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow is a lean 10 ozs.

What is the size of the Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow?

When it is in its carry case, the Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow measures 6 inches x 8 inches.

Fully extended, the Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow is 14 inches x 6 inches x 3.5 inches

Is the Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow adjustable?

Yes, The Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow is probably the most versatile travel pillow on the market.

The unique Kuhi Comfort shape is designed to be flipped and twisted and turned so you can find your perfect fit.

Try it with the handles front, then flip it 180 degrees so the handles are out to the sides, then for an even more custom fit you can twist it so one handle is front and one handle is out to the side.

Kuhi Comfort also makes a great back support, arm rest and even works as a foot rest.

There are more ways to adjust your Kuhi Comfort than you can imagine, which is another reason it's the best travel neck pillow you'll find. Shop our selection to find the perfect one for you!

Is the Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow available in Canada?

Yes! Kuhi Comfort is available in Canada at

TravelSmarts Luggage and Accessories.

Online: http://www.travelsmartsproducts.ca/store/

Or at their store:

Metropolis at Metrotown

225 - 4820 Kingsway

Burnaby, BC



 What is the difference between the Original and the Cuddle Fur?

Both the Original and the Cuddle Fur have the patented Kuhi Comfort design to bring you the best travel neck pillow available.

Both are sewn with a plush microfiber velvet fabric and stuffed with a hypoallergenic polyester loose fiberfill.

The only difference is that the Cuddle Fur cushions have faux sheepskin panels. Both are very soft.

It is a matter of what you like to feel against your skin. If you like a smoother feel, go with the Original. If you like a more cuddly, think Teddy Bear, feel then go with the Cuddle Fur.