The Extraordinary Headrest Cushion!

Kuhi Comfort, Inc. has designed and patented the Kuhi Comfort®, Travel pillow for restful comfort and travel head support.

Kuhi Comfort is the most versatile train, car, and airplane neck pillow on the market.  

The dual cushions are designed to be FLIPPED, TWISTED and TURNED for a perfect fit!

Kuhi Comfort comes in its own handsome carry case that slips conveniently over the handle of any rolling luggage.

And when you get home both the entire pillow (not just a zip off cover) and the carry case can be machine washed and gently tumbled dry.  

Many travel pillows have a thickness at the back that can push your neck forward in an awkward position.  Kuhi Comfort is flat at the back allowing you to rest comfortably against any reclining seat.

Kuhi Comfort going back to collegeThere are so many ways you can get comfortable with Kuhi Comfort. Get creative and you will find there are limitless ways to get comfortable with Kuhi Comfort.

Kuhi Comfort can be used for much more than just a standard headrest cushion! Here are just a few ideas............

1. Put one cushion on your shoulder and rest your arms on the other

2. Put it behind your back for back support

3. Use it as an arm rest

4. Keep it in the case and use it as a foot rest.

5. Put it on the tray table in front of you and rest your head there .

6. Share with your travel companion by putting the cushions together between you. 

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