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By Pepita Diamand

Tips from the Jet Set: Make Economy Feel Like First Class

"Thanks to my generous boyfriend and his air-mile upgrades, I've been spoiled by the good life at 35,000 feet and find the comedown to economy tough when traveling on my own dime. I want to be in the fast-track lane; I want to sleep on a flatbed seat; I want the champagne to flow freely until we land! But what I want and what I can afford are two different things. Sound familiar? Well, I couldn't let this state of affairs continue forever, so I worked out how to give the cheap seats a little more class..."



"On longer flights, the difference between the refreshed-looking passengers that emerge from the front cabins and the bleary-eyed masses that stagger out of the back of the plane is sleep. Help induce zzz's in economy with a travel pillow, cashmere shawl, eye mask, and (with your pharmacist's advice) a mild sleeping pill. Although comfort isn't guaranteed, even an awkward slumber will make the flight go a lot quicker and you'll feel less fatigued when you land. Then, when you arrive with that cashmere shawl draped around your shoulders, a stylish carry-on bag slung over your arm, and a fresh aromatherapy scent wafting behind you, no one will know that you were at the back of the plane at all. We like the Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow $40 ..."

The Wall Street Journal | February 1, 2013
By Nancy Keates 

Desperately Seeking Slumber

On long-haul flights, an unconventional travel pillow can be the key to avoiding a pain in the neck


Packability: Medium

Embarrassment Factor: Medium

Setup Hassle: None

Maybe some people wouldn't be embarrassed by the look of this travel pillow. But my family (which includes two preteen boys) found the shape—two large balls—hilarious. That aside, this 12-ounce pillow is a real winner. The velvety brown cushions are extremely comfortable, providing enough support for the head, even in a middle seat. The Kuhi squeezes into a small carrying case, and comes in a satin or a faux-fur finish. There's even an "aromatherapy" model—currently sold out—which has a small pocket in one of the cushions for tucking in a sachet of organic lavender (included). 



 USA Today Travel

USA Today Travel : March 10, 2011
By The Travel Girls  | Author: Kim Moldofsky, 

New Items Make Family Travel Easy & Fun

I hate to sound like a lazy traveler in my first post at The Vacation Gals, but my two favorite finds from the recent Travel Goods Association Show have to do with sleeping and sitting. Sure, there's adventure travel, and travel focused on biking and hiking and swimming and scuba diving (whew, getting tired just thinking about all that!) — but after working hard at our daily jobs, isn't relaxing comfortably an important part of a vacation?

Yes, relaxing is indeed a major part of any family vacation. As for sleep, well, I just found the travel pillow of my dreams in Kuhi Comfort. Its unique design, think puffy little barbell or overstuffed earmuffs, provides just the right amount of head and neck support. This brand new product will soon be available in kid sizes. Best of all, this mom-designed pillow can go in the washing machine after your trip.