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Find out why Kuhi Comfort® is the best travel neck pillow available anywhere! Anything but an ordinary headrest pillow, our train, car, and air travel pillow is uniquely designed to be a versatile addition to your travel repertoire. If you’re like the satisfied users whose reviews you can read below, you’ve been unhappy with the design of traditional “U”-shaped air travel pillows. Those cushions have a thickness that constantly pushes your neck forward, resulting in stiffness and restlessness. Finally, Kuhi Comfort® has delivered a solution to uncomfortable headrest pillows! By giving your neck the space it needs, and countless options for head-resting arrangements, Kuhi Comfort® is truly the best travel neck pillow. Read below for the thoughts of those who have experienced true travel comfort, then browse our shop for the only travel pillow you’ll ever need!

Read Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow reviews from customers:


“Not only the best sleep I've ever had on a plane (and a bullet train during one part of my trip), but even the carrying case is ingenious and made it so easy to have the pillow with me without it being an "extra" piece of baggage to worry about. Sometimes I used the hook, sometimes it was on the handle of my rolling luggage. The case is really a brilliant feature unto itself.”  



"I didn't know a travel pillow could be so comfortable! 
It fits perfectly around my neck, giving total support to my head, allowing me to completely relax. I love it!"



 "Item arrived intact, well packaged, on time and as described. I would buy from this company again"



"I have a chronic neck problem which makes travelling really uncomfortable. I've tried all the different travel pillows and have had problems, ranging from too little support to too much support behind my neck pushing me into a hunch position. This travel pillow is really great as it provides support where i need and you can also flip and twist the pillow around to provide different levels of support depending on your sitting position. Since flying with Kuhi, i've started using it at home. Highly recommended!"


"Used for trip to Europe. Excellent, very comfortable "

I love my "ears" as I call them. They are soft and comfy and exactly what I wanted. Thing though is they are not a travel pillow for me! I have a chronic illness and often I can't sleep or not in my bed, and am stuck in the recliner all night... other times I am close to fainting and don't have the strenght to even keep my head straight. So this product does it for me! Since my neck is very hypermobile, without this, fainting or asleep I end up my ear on my shoulder and very sore afterwards. With this my head is straight and I'm comfortable. I only give 4 stars, though, because I wish the "link" between the two bumps would be adjustable. Not all necks and heads are the same size. It needs to be tight for the head to stay in place, but it could be just a little bit further apart and it would be better for me. I often have an ear folded the way it is. I was very surprised to see it's not adjustable in any way... It still makes my life much easier and I still love it!"

"I love my new Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow. It is so comfortable. I also am so happy I can wash it after I use it in a germ filled airplane."



"Transatlantic/pacific flights are long and many times with the time change I want to try and sleep on the flight as much as possible. Until Kuhi I have not found a product that will minimize my neck pain from trying to sleep in the economy section of a flight. Other pillows pitch your head forward or don't support your head on the side. One gentlemen next to me this past flight had a very common neck pillow and as he slept his head fell forward looking very uncomfortable. Kuhi design is allows for your head to be supported on the side with comfort and does not pitch your head forward. This last trip was the most comfortable I had slept in the economy section of a transpacific flight in a very long time."

~Joyce W.


"Great quality and exactly as advertised."



"I've used Amazon for years and I've never been motivated to write a review, until this pillow came along. Be patient with the supplier. It's worth the wait. I travel a lot on business, including a lot of international trips, and I've been buying pillows looking for the best for a while now. I tried the TempurPedic brand, figuring that since squishy memory foam seems awesome, it would be great, but it never quite worked because the ring shape and firmness of the pillow pushes my neck forward and prevents air flow. So, I end up sweaty and tired at the end of my flight, with a kink in my neck.

I had basically given up on the idea of sleeping on planes until I came across a column online comparing travel pillows. I decided to give this one a shot when the columnist claimed to have successfully slept in a middle seat. Since I bought it, I have slept on most of my flights, including a couple of times in a middle seat. If you had told me 6 months ago that I could pull that off, I wouldn't have believed you. This pillow is amazing!"

~Jeffrey T.


"Fantastic travel pillow!! Soft and comfy!!!"